Searching for Blue Skies...

Too cold toplay golf?
Miss thesunshine?
You need a place whereit's 80 & Sunny

Where Is It 80 and Sunny?

Searching for the sun? Are you fueled by the desire to escape the winter blues or simply revel in perpetual summer? Your search starts and ends here. Zoom in and out to find the destination of your dreams. Warmer temperatures are red and colder ones are blue. Once you find a place, click on it and you'll find the current conditions and 7-day forecast.

It's dreary,raining and 18°

Feeling down? Need a change of scenery to chase away the blues? Don't worry, we've got a plan for you.

We too have spent many a dark and damp November day wishing we could go anywhere where the sun is shining, so we solved the problem. 80 and Sunny will show you exactly that - places where's it's 80 and Sunny where your blues will be replaced by blues skies.

Use our Destination Map to find a location where it's 80 and Sunny or browse some of our staff's favorite sunny destinations.

80 and Sunny is a personal project. I was at home in central Arkansas in February and we were in the middle of our fifteenth straight day of rain and overcase skies and I just wanted to find a place where it was sunny and I could play golf. I didn't care where I'd go, I just wanted someplace warm and sunny and that's how we started."

Brooks Livers, Founder, 80 and Sunny

About Us

80 and Sunny is your virtual gateway to destinations where azure skies, golden beaches, and endless sunshine await. Whether you dream of lounging on pristine tropical beaches, exploring vibrant cities under clear skies, or immersing yourself in the rich cultures of sun-kissed locales, 80 and Sunny is your go-to platform for all things sunny. Embrace the warmth, chase the sunshine, and let us guide your way.

  • Sunny escapes
  • Warm destinations
  • Endless summers
  • Golden sand retreats
  • Crystal-clear waters
  • Golf excursions
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Relaxing resorts
  • Adventurous water activities
  • Palm-fringed beaches